Shirley Paulk

The Arbor Company
Senior Vice President Sales/Marketing

As a registered nurse, Shirley Paulk started her healthcare career as a critical nurse. Overtime she gravitated to senior care as a Director of Nursing and a Nursing Home Administrator.  The combination of  her clinical and operational background led her into sales and marketing. She has worked for some nationally owned long term care companies as a sales leader and trainer. She has been successful in building occupancy through developing creative and innovative programs and has found this to be the sweet spot of  what she does today.

She has served as Divisional and National Vice President of Sales for  Nova Care Rehabilitation for a number of years and joined The Arbor Company in 1999 as a regional sales director. Today she leads their sales efforts as  their Senior Vice President of Sales/Marketing.

She has spoken at many local and national conferences and serves ALFA on the Executive roundtable for Sales and Marketing.

“The road from nursing through operations to sales has been a wonderful journey; one that has been paved with great people and experiences I hold dear. Senior Living is an industry that feeds my heart as a nurse, my mind as a coach and mentor and my life as a daughter who has walked the path so many families today are struggling with.  Anything small mark I can make fulfills me.”